Dietary supplements – Naturally supporting an improved quality of life

Our dietary supplements are characterized by a high concentration the active ingredients. A vitamin deficient diet is not the the only serious risk to health – a lack of dietary trace elements may pose an even greater threat. Royal Care Swiss Cosmetic food supplements and minerals can improve everyone’s quality of life.

_dietary-supplementsAcid alkaline regulation: for a balanced acid-base equilibrium and to detoxify, purify and de-acidify.

Krill oil: high quality Omega 3 – more effective than salmon oil – protects against vascular disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack.

Body Fit – silicium calcium magnesium: for firm skin, strong nails and thick, strong hair. Improves the capacity for cells to bind to water and increases elasticity.

Wild Yam: stay naturally young, with the extract of yam root: not only does it support bone density but the yam root is also known for helping to reverse the reduction of the production of testosterone and oestrogen, as well as having a calming and balancing effect. Yam roots (containing diosgenin) combat menopausal symptoms, mood swings and sleep disorders.

Acai cinnamon – the power berry: this super fruit protects the heart and circulation, supports weight loss by improving the metabolism, helps digestion, fights fatigue, increases stamina and energy. Furthermore, it powers up the immune system as it is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.