Skin Contur Moisturizing Cream 24h – the Energy of Life

_skin-contur-moisturizing-creamThe Skin Contur Cream from Royal Care Swiss Cosmetic is a uniquely luxurious formula, which protects, detoxifies and repairs skin cells and thus helps improve the skin cells’ resilience.

The exquisite formula contains the active substance “Energy of Life” and works like a rejuvenating treatment or fountain of youth for velvety, soft skin. Protein hydrolyzate, chondroitin and the biocatalyst adenosine triphosphate (ATP) combine to combat the aging process. High molecular weight and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid not only moisturizes the skin immediately but also helps it to retain moisture. The highly concentrated and one of a kind Age-Defense-active complex contains niacinamide, vitamin E, phytosterols, a special peptide, a hyaluron – humectant, as well as nurturing oils for optimal protection, repair and care of the skin.


The cream is for suitable for normal skin. Massage gently into the skin morning and evening after cleansing and applying Revit Contur Hyaluron Gel.