Revit Contur Silver – Hyaluron skin care gel with silver

_revit-conturAll women and men would like smooth and taut skin. Thanks to modern anti-aging cosmetics, even deep lines can now be actively and visibly reduced.

Thanks to deep-acting hyaluronic acid and the addition of silver, Revit Contour Silver works to combat negative influences on the skin. By using the latest short and long-chain molecule technology and the worlds first use of Mizell-Technology, skin elasticity is increased.

Hyaluronic acid has been used in medicine for many years. Its ability to encourage the formation of new cells is one of the main reasons for its use. Microcrystalline silver supports the skin’s natural antibacterial properties, soothes and is anti-inflammatory.


Revit Contur skin and facial gel can be used either on its own or as an addition to the skin care routine for all skin types. It is particularly recommended for use around the eye area.

Apply Revit Contur 1-2 times daily to cleansed skin by gently massaging or patting it in. After using Revit Contur, the usual daily facial care routine may be applied. Skin is immediately, visibly firmer. After using the skin is taut, refined and feels smooth to the touch.