Potent and effective cosmetics developed using the latest ingredients and dermatological know-how.

Quality cosmetics by Anke Rothe

The cosmetic range “Royal Care Swiss Cosmetic” by FEB.Cosmetic offers quality ingredients with optimal bioavailability. To the greatest extent possible, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives and dyes are avoided in the manufacture of the products. Laboratory tests confirm “Royal Care Swiss Cosmetic” products are safe to use.

Royal Care Swiss Cosmetic – tracking future trends and developments

Refined beauty, personal and individual – that’s what the company FEB.Cosmetic GmbH (a skin care center in Rüti in the Zurich Oberland region) stands for.

Our niche, high-quality, highly-concentrated cosmetics range satisfy the highest demands for innovative, highly effective and healthy products. Together with dermatologists and chemists we have developed products which are free of allergens and PEGs, and contain no silicone or mineral oils. Our products have superior, immediate and long-lasting results. With just a few products, selected to suit the individual’s needs, we can provide optimal care for all skin types.

Our products are easy to use and provide great benefits and comfort with visible results. We focus on using modern, light textures, which care for the skin and don’t weigh it down. We are 100% confident about our cosmetic products which are made using the latest technology.

Our products are environmentally and animal friendly.

“Royal Care Swiss” Collection



FEB.Cosmetic- Experience a new kind of care

  • 21Highly effective concentrates, plant extracts, precious active ingredients and equipment, developed in conjunction with high tech laboratories in Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Poland and Switzerland.
  • The range is put together using the latest skin research findings.
  • High-quality, airless packaging offers optimal product protection.




Royal Care Swiss Cosmetic

Clear Skin cleansing foam for every skin type

Skin Revit Moisturizing Tonic soothing

Revit Contur Hyaluron+ silver and vitamin C

Mesocell Anti Cellulite GEL

Magic Mineral lightly matt mineral powder for all skin types with sun protection

Perfect Day tinted day cream

SPECIALS – a range of ampules for use with cosmetic equipment

Food Supplements – health for the whole family

High quality equipment and beauty salon fit outs



Clear Skin – perfect cleansing for all skin types

Gentle and very luxurious foaming cleanser

  • 22for sensitive, dehydrated and irritated skin – also cleanses normal daily make up
  • amino acids
  • niacinamide, inostistol
  • NMF


Fruit Acid Exfoliating Mask

 Beta Glycolic 12%

 As a gentle exfoliation prior to treatment or 1x per week for a 20 min treatment



Skin Revit Moisturizing Tonic Spray

Hydro Tonic

  • 23Extremely soothing
  • Cools and moisturizes
  • Apply as a tonic after cleansing
  • Fixes mineral powder
  • Refreshes and soothes hot and flushed skin
  • Can be used as refreshing spray
  • Camomile
  • Allantoin
  • Niacinamide
  • Amino acids
  • NMF



Revit Contur live and enjoy timeless beauty

Revit Contur Hyaluron Gel

  • 24contains a maximum dose of pure hyaluronic acid 12%
  • Silver
  • Vitamin C
  • world first Mizelle technology
  • for all types of skin from 18 to 90 years
  • for sensitive skin
  • for allergic skin
  • for irritated skin
  • for dry and very dry skin



10ml, 30ml or 100ml for businesses


Bio Repair Serum

25Bio Repair Serum with stem cells, hyaluron and + elastin

 Revitalizes skin’s own stem cells

 Reduces lines and rejuvenates the skin

 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colouring, fragrances or parabens

 Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin

 High dermal absorption, up to 99%

 Restores skin’s own collagen

 Hydrates the skin

 Protects skin against aging caused by UV light


Skin Moisturizing Cream Contour – the energy of life

2624h Skin Moisturizing Contour with the elixir of life

– for younger customers with a tendency for oily skin

– for sensitive skin

– for allergic skin

– for dehydrated skin

  • ATP
  • chondroitin
  • plant based squalane
  • vitamin E
  • high molecular weight hyaluronic acid



Contur Lifting Cream – experience a new kind of care

Contur Lifting Cream

27Fast and long-lasting skin firming.

– for damaged skin

– for age-affected skin

  • for very dry skin

– sea buckthorn pulp

– wild yam extract / diosgenin

– spilanthol

– silicium

  • tannin
  • paracress
  • low molecular weight hyaluronic acid



Mask range – exclusive care

  • 28perfectly fitted masks
  • ginseng
  • glycolic acid – fruit acid
  • vitamins A & E
  • hyaluronic gold
  • stem cell eye patch






Mesocell- Anti Cellulite Gel

  • 29Caffeine
  • Phosphatidycolin PPT
  • Artichoke
  • L-carnitine
  • As a body lotion
  • Enhances deeper results utilising equipment
  • For massaging
  • Against Cellulite
  • Gently reduces fat
  • Firming


FEB.Cosmetic presents cosmetics for professionals

30high-quality ingredients

– best skin compatibility

– optimised for ideal application

– long lasting

Magic Mineral Mineral Powder

– available in 4 colours

– excellent opacity

– SPF 20-25


31Perfect Day – Tinted Day Cream

Available in 2 colours

– Use with Skin Contur Moisturizing

  • Use with Contur Lifting Creme




FEB.Cosmetic Beauty Collection – exclusively in beauty salons

32 35 34 33


FEB.Cosmetics presents at trade shows and various events to an audience of professionals. We are engaged as an author and source for industry magazines and deliver presentations about many health and beauty related topics.


FEB.Cosmetik offers a holistic package for beauty professionals

Take advantage of:

– Intensive support through seminars.

– Personal and individual care: delivered on site through our reps plus tele-support through our office staff.

– Attractive point-of-sale promotional displays, posters and brochures to boost strong sales results

– A customer magazine containing product information

  • Exceptional bonus system
  • A special top bonus for customers with particularly strong sales



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